11 August, 2023

Booming Coffee Culture at Home in the UK

The home coffee market in the UK is experiencing a major boom as consumers look to replicate coffee shop quality in the comfort of their own kitchens. The Coffee At Home UK 2023 Report, published by World Coffee Portal, reveals that total sales of domestic capsule, filter and espresso machines increased by 3.5% over the last year, reaching £162.8 million [1]. This article explores the key findings of the report and highlights the growing interest in premium and specialty coffee at home. In addition, the relevance of Ascaso espresso coffee machines in this thriving market is analyzed.



*Growing interest in premium and specialty coffee at home:


The lockdown measures imposed during the pandemic have further accelerated the growing interest in the consumption of premium and specialty coffee at home. Consumers are investing in high-end equipment and exploring more sophisticated brewing methods to enhance their coffee experiences. As a result, the homemade coffee market in the UK is poised for further growth. 


The Coffee At Home UK report indicates that total sales of domestic capsule, filter and espresso machines in the UK have increased by 3.5% over the past year, reaching £162.8 million. This increase in sales reflects the growing demand for coffee machines as consumers embrace the convenience and quality of brewing their own coffee at home. 


*The prominence of espresso machines in the home coffee sector is increasingly evident 


While pod machines are anticipated to remain the best-selling consumer coffee machine systems over the next five years, domestic espresso machine sales are also gaining significant momentum and are forecast to capture a 30% market share by 2028. [1]. 


The growth rate of the filter machine market, although slower compared to pod and espresso machines, is still predicted to add a substantial £5.72m over the next half-decade, bringing its value up to £44.9m. [1]. 


With its dedication to quality and precision, Coffetek, with their Ascaso coffee machines for home offers designed and quality to meet the needs of home baristas. These machines combine advanced brewing technology, versatility and sleek design, allowing users to create cafeteria-quality coffee in the comfort of their own kitchens.  


*Focus on sustainability and environmental impact


The UK home coffee industry recognises the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Coffee machine manufacturers, have taken steps to reduce packaging waste and improve energy efficiency. While many coffee machine brands are striving to decrease their carbon footprint and dependence on plastics, simultaneously enhancing product energy efficiency, there is a feeling among 51% of industry leaders that coffee retailers could be more environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, 36% consider that machine manufacturers could take additional steps to lower their impact. [1]. 


In this context, it’s important to mention that Ascaso, a notable coffee machine manufacturer, is actively working towards these environmental objectives. Ascaso brand recognizes the importance of sustainability within their operations and the broader societal impact. 


In the UK at-home coffee market, the emphasis on sustainability is clear, with 56% of consumers surveyed indicating a higher likelihood to purchase coffee if it is eco-friendly. This demonstrates the significant role that sustainability plays in influencing consumer behaviour in the market. [1]. 




The Coffee At Home UK 2023 Report highlights the thriving at-home coffee market in the UK, driven by consumer demand for quality coffee experiences within their own homes. Ascaso coffee makers, known for their commitment to quality and precision, play an important role in meeting the needs of coffee lovers in this growing market. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Ascaso empowers consumers to brew their own premium and specialty coffees at home, elevating their coffee experiences to new heights.


Reference: [1] World Coffee Portal, Coffee At Home UK 2023 Report