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Professional coffee brewing in a compact format

Crafted with professional components, The Dream PID espresso machine is a masterpiece that combines a retro design, with sustainability and precision in a compact format.


* PID control with degree-precise temperature through display.
* Adjustable pre-infusion (0-5 seconds)
* Visible digital coffee brewing timer
* Externally adjustable OPV pressure valve.
* Pre-selection for two drink sizes
* Presure gauge to control the brewing pressure.
* Electronic steam control & Cold touch 360º steam wand.
* High performance stainless steel Thermodinamic group for faster heat-up.
* Thermal cover for temperature preservation, thermal stability and energy conservation.
* Standby mode to cut energy costs.
* Professional 58mm portafilter with egonomicly designed handles.
* Cup warmer with railing.
* 1,3l iluminated water tank.
* Barista tool accesory pack included.

Experience the unmatched precision and energy efficiency of our Dream PID espresso coffee machine.

The Dream PID espresso machine delivers optimal results whilst its stunning retro aesthetic adds a captivating touch to any home or office. The Dream PID is designed for coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers, who wants to achieved a professional result at home.

This exceptional machine offers a degree-precise temperature control, manual OPV adjustment,  adjustable pre-infusion, pre-settings and a visible digital brewing time as well as a a 58mm professional portafilter. The electronic steam control, the pressure gauge and a 360º steam wand, guarantees a superior coffee & milk preparation experience.

Its high-performance Thermodinamic group ensures faster heat-up, while the thermal cover preserves temperature and energy. Completed with , cup warmer, and complimentary barista tools, the Dream PID is the epitome of coffee craftsmanship.”

Crafting Perfection, One Shot at a Time

The Dream PID espresso machine provides unparalleled precision on the coffee making allowing you customize the complete brewing process with its degree-precise temperature, adjustable OPV pressure valve, an adjustable pre-infusion ( 0-5second) and volumetric control.
The 58mm professional portafilter have been design ergonomically for confort and correct coffee distribution enhancing the consistancy in every brew.
To top up the pressure gauge and the digital brewing timer provides you all the information you need to achieve an optimal results for your perfect shot.

Take full control of your milk, embrace the Latte Art

Experience the pleasure of powerful and consistent pressure alongside limitless dry steam every time – for endurance.


With the 360º ergonomic cold steam wand, effortlessly and safely steam and froth milk, empowering you to practice and create the most delicious velvety microfoam.


Master the art of latte creation with ease, as you indulge in the smoothest textures and unleash your creativity.

Conscious brewing, exceptional taste

Experience efficiency and sustainability with the Dream PID’s high-performance stainless steel thermoblock, enabling faster heat-up and reducing waiting time. The Dream PID thermal cover preserves temperature, stability, and energy conservation, ensuring consistent performance while also minimizing energy consumption.
Additionally, the standby mode helps cut down on energy costs during idle periods, promoting eco-friendly operations.

Quality built & excellence in service

Handcrafted in Barcelona, one by one, Ascaso Commercial and home coffee machines exemplify traditional espresso craftsmanship, a deep passion for coffee, and an unwavering dedication to customers.


The machine chassis is meticulously hand-polished and coated with a protective varnish, ensuring long-lasting durability. The impeccable construction of its essential components (Thermoblock and group) is supported by a 5-year warranty, safeguarding against any defects.


Coffetek’s extensive distribution network, with extensive experience in the coffee industry, provides comprehensive support for these machines, offering all the necessary maintenance and fine-tuning services.

Dream PID Specifications


Dream PID accesory pack