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The energy saving compact commercial espresso coffee machine

Baby T is a multigroup compact traditional espresso coffee machine, aimed for food trucks, boutiques, offices or small HoReCa where space comes at a premium, the machine features the same technology for precision, control, sustainability and speed as bigger ranges.

General features

* Energy efficient T technology ( save money, improve consistency)
* Independent Steam and coffee PID temperature control, displays & pressure gauges
* Two independent pressure gauges to control the coffee and steam brewing pressure.
* Cold touch 360º stainless steel steam wand.
* Professional 58mm ergonomic portafilter and steam control joystic.
* Stainless steel key components, reducing limescale built up and ease cleaning.
* In&out plasma welded Stainless Steel steam Boiler (2,5l), for endurance ( 5 year warranty) and continous delivery.
* Adjustable pre-infusion (0-5 seconds)
* Externally adjustable OPV pressure valve.
* Hot Water valve
* 5 pre-sets + Hot water
* Working area light
* Easy access to all internal components
* Barista tool accesory pack included.

Standard setting PID upgrade
*2l water tank (BPA free)
* Vibratory pump
* 2l water tank (BPA free) & mains water
* High performance rotary pump
* App control
* Thermal cover for temperature preservation, thermal stability and energy conservation.
* Cup warmer with railing
* Dynamic coffee group preheating
* Chrome foots

Baby T is the perfect espresso coffee machine for placements where every inch matters


Baby T boasts the same precision, control, sustainability, and speed as its larger counterparts. With energy-efficient T technology, independent PID cofffe and steam control, stainless steel components, and a 2.5l in&out plasma-welded steam boiler, it delivers professional-grade performance.

Deliver Excellence and Boost Your Coffee Business

Featuring a 58mm stainless steel professional portafilter for enhanced coffee distribution, along with professional coffee baskets with round holes and a pyramidal angle, this machine ensures consistent results in every brew.

The pressure gauge provides essential information for achieving optimal results and the perfect shot of espresso. With the PID system offering precise temperature control, adjustable OPV pressure valve, customizable pre-infusion duration, and volumetric control, you have complete control over your brew. The digital brewing timer ensures brewing perfection by tracking brewing time.

Crafted ergonomically from high-quality stainless steel, the Baby T guarantees endurance in any commercial setting. Experience comfort, precision, and excellence in every cup with the Baby T, the ultimate professional coffee machine for your business.

State-of-the-art steam control

Unlock the ultimate steam control with our cutting-edge PID technology, allowing you to fine-tune the steam temperature to perfection within a customizable range of 110-165ºC.

Harnessing the power of precision and delivering an abundance of steam, our machine empowers coffee businesses to achieve extraordinary results.

The sleek wooden steam lever not only adds an elegant touch but also grants you full control over the steam flow, effortlessly adapting it to your unique taste preferences.

Our 360º ergonomic cold stainless steel steam wand, equipped with a rounded edge tip and four tangential outlets, ensures an effortless milk-steaming experience while effectively preventing lime-scale buildup.

Create impeccable, velvety microfoam—the essential tool for mastering the art of crafting divine lattes with absolute ease.

Regenerate response

T- Technology - Energy-Smart Coffee Brewing

Technology T, is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology. Engineering developed entirely by Ascaso. Its a clever way ,to offer great thermal stability (+- 0,5ºC) with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption of up to 50% on traditionals and 25% compared to multi boiler machines) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

The thermal cover & temperature lagging within the PLUS option preserves temperature, stability, and energy conservation, ensuring consistent performance while also minimizing energy consumption.

Additionally, when selecting PLUS the App allows the setting of different standby modes which helps to cut down energy costs during idle periods, promoting eco-friendly operations.

Excellence in Every Detail, from Build to Service

Experience the essence of traditional espresso craftsmanship with Ascaso Commercial and home coffee machines, meticulously handcrafted in Barcelona, one by one.

These machines embody a deep-rooted passion for coffee and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. The machine chassis undergoes careful hand-polishing and receives a protective varnish coating, ensuring exceptional durability.

The Baby T model boasts a robust stainless steel chassis, designed for easy access to all components by simply removing a few screws.The key components, such as the Thermoblock and group, are constructed with utmost precision and are supported by a 5-year warranty against workmanship defects.

Backed by Coffetek’s extensive distribution network and profound expertise in the coffee industry, these machines are accompanied by comprehensive maintenance and fine-tuning services. Embrace the legacy of handcrafted excellence and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

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