Brewing Units

Filtros Atrás

Maximum versatility with three coffee groups

All coffee dispensing groups integrated into the VITRO range machines extract the maximum flavor and aroma from any blend of roasted coffee with perfect creaminess and an exact pressure of 9 bars.

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to equip the machine with the AZK V10, AZK V20, or AZK V30 group.

It offers different sizes of espresso, filtered coffee, or loose leaf tea in a single machine.

Features of the groups

The V10  is designed for lower volume drinks, while the V20 is ideal for higher volume offerings, thus adapting solutions to the preferences and demands of your customers.

For greater flexibility, the variable group AZK V30 offers the option to adjust espresso intensity by varying the dosage, and also allows dispensing drinks of different volumes. With this brewing group, you can offer filtered coffee and espresso in the same machine, ensuring the optimal amount of coffee in each service.

Fresh Leaf Tea Brewing System

The paperless fresh Leaf tea Brewing System makes preparing a perfect cup of tea very easy.

The VITRO Fresh loose leaf tea preparation system is based on infused tea at the right temperature, creating an English tea experience reminiscent of the traditional method. The perfect blend of English tea heritage and cutting-edge technology ensures a delightful tea experience in just 20 seconds.