23 May, 2023

Why the coffee grind is a critical factor in preparing the perfect espresso

 Discover the importance of grind size and how it varies depending on the type of coffee preparation and explore the benefits of Coffetek’s technology espresso machines

The process of grinding roasted coffee beans is essential in order to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce the bean into small particles that allow water to perform the proper infusion and absorb all the properties of the coffee.


However, grinding coffee beans also requires certain knowledge and skills, such as those of a professional barista. Each type of coffee extraction requires a specific grind size in order to obtain a perfect drink. 


  • For filtered coffee, a medium to coarse grind is needed as the coffee extraction is slower. 
  • For espresso coffee, the grind must be fine so that the hot water is able to perform the proper extraction of the oils and aromas from the coffee bean at high pressure.


A grind that is too fine may result in a bitter cup of coffee with possible residue.  That is why each coffee machine and coffee preparation requires its own grind size. It is important to note that the coffee grinder also plays an important role in coffee preparation. 

The M03 Grinder 

Coffetek’s espresso technology machines feature the M03 grinder, the most advanced, precise, and perfected model available today. The M03 grinder offers high performance in any working environment and is able to adapt to the coffee machine used, the type of extraction, and the final consumer’s preferences.  Unlike other professional grinders, M03 has adjustable flat burrs to the precise micron, providing a lot of consistency and stability to the grinder, offering coffee doses without variation. This performance and durability always guarantee a perfect grind. In addition, the M03 incorporates sensors to detect product jams and exhaustion, which increases the reliability and resistance of the grinder throughout service. 

Precise Dosing in Every Service 

Precision is key to coffee preparation and for optimizing the service and machine usage time. For an espresso coffee dose, it is necessary to grind an exact amount of coffee beans. That is why when adjusting the grinder, it is necessary to calibrate it through a specific function within the machine that performs a grind for 10 seconds. The resulting amount of ground coffee must be manually weighed and the result entered into the function so that the M03 grinder is precisely calibrated. This precision in creating coffee doses is essential for the final cup to be of quality and not to alter the machine’s work time or the consumer’s waiting time. With M03 grinder, precise dosing and constant quality can be guaranteed in every cup of coffee.