1 July, 2015

Double success for Azkoyen & Coffetek

The Button Gourmet retail system has won the double – the Red Dot design Award and the UK Vending industry innovation award.

After two days at the International AVEX 2015 trade show – Coffetek attended an unforgettable night at the Vendies organized by Datateam Business Media and Vending International magazine with the AVA and EDWCA.

All the attendants enjoyed Paul Sinha comedian introduction to the awards and celebrate every announced winner. Nerves were notory along the night but finally Best Machines Innovation award was announced – Coffetek & Azkoyen Button Gourmet was recognised Best Machine Innovation on the UK 2015 at The Vendies 2015.

Hosted by leading comedian Paul Sinha the evening was a gathering of the great and good from the UK Vending Industry. As the evening progressed, nerves in the room were heightened – finally the announcement of the Best Machine Innovation was announced – Coffetek for Button Gourmet!

This award had been preceded by the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Award, a prestigious industrial design accolade.

Button Gourmet has been designed by Mormedi, The leading industrial design agency for Azkoyen and Coffetek to deliver a complete retail food experience in 3 easy steps.

1. Order – 47″ touch screen makes ordering easy and fast. The interface provides the consumer with options such as multiple product selection and meal deals.

2. Pay – Multiple methods enhance the consumer experience – cash card and mobile payment. Once the transaction is completed, the consumer receives a printed receipt with a bar code to place their order.

3. Collect – The user scans the printed code and gets its order straight on a tray. Hot drinks can be customized also scanning the code.