27 June, 2014

Coffetek, voted again as ‘Best Vending Machine Supplier’ in the 2014 Vending Industry Awards.

The second Vending Industry Awards took place on Thursday night, at a sparkling celebratory dinner and ceremony at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. With over 225 guests, the evening was a huge success, honouring and rewarding the hard work and excellent service provided by outstanding individuals and businesses in the sector. Coffetek was awarded again with the top prize of ‘Best Vending equipment supplier 2014‘. Voters also have rewarded Coffetek with the Innovation Award.
Coffetek, has been awarded as Best Vending Equipment Supplier in 2013 and 2014. These awards mean a great recognition of the work done. The reliability and quality of Coffetek products have become a reference in the market.

This spirit of innovation and service to satisfy the needs of customers is, without doubt, one of the values that have motivated Coffetek’s recognition into the 2014 Vending Industry Innovation award. The Coffetek team is constantly working towards new product development and business innovation. A clear example of this is Button Barista roadshow where operators, manufacturers, technicians and anyone involved in the beverage dispense industry work together with the objective of “delivering better”.