4 December, 2015

Benders cups – A great history behind a cup

The Coffetek sales team ventured North to the Benders Paper Cup factory for their December Sales Meeting.
During the day the team were invited to tour the plant and understand the significance of Benders work within the industry along with the care taken to deliver our daily brew.

Everything starts in the forest, where trees are grown for a minimum of 7 years. These are turned into paper and magically transformed into high quality paper cups for a wide range of customers.

Cups from 4oz to 16oz with different insulation properties adapted for vending or hospitality locations. An innovation in 12oz vending cups – the Super Stacker increases capacity on 12oz equipped Coffetek machines.

Finally the cups are delivered to you, combine this with a quality machine from Coffetek and you have the tools to deliver something quite exceptional.