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Redefining Professional Excellence, a reappraisal of traditional coffee.

Discover unparalleled versatility in the Big Dream T coffee machine, featuring individual group control and programmable stand-by times. This technologically advanced marvel boasts exceptional temperature stability, remarkable energy efficiency, and incorporates professional-grade and competition-ready elements. Its captivating design, with a mesmerizing curved and sinuous aesthetic, adds an alluring touch.

General features


* Multi-group machine  ( 2 group or 3 Group versions)
* Energy efficient innovative T technology ( save money, improve consistency)
* independent PID temperature control for Steam,and coffee groups.
*  In&out plasma welded Stainless Steel steam Boiler with 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.
* High resistant 4,2″ capacitive Set up and Control screen
* 2 x Double Wall stainless steel Cold touch 360º steam wands
* Professional 58mm ergonomic portafilters with competition baskets.
* Stainless steel key components, reducing limescale built up and ease cleaning.
*2 hot water pre-sets
* Independent Coffee  &  Steam pressure control gauges.
* Adjustable pre-infusion (0-5 seconds)
* Externally adjustable pressure valve.
* 5 pre-sets, safety swich & autoflush per group +2  Hot water pre-sets
* Working area light
* Easy access to all internal components
* R.P.M rotary pump
* Cup warmer with railing
* Dynamic coffee group preheating and competition group showers.
* Chrome foots
* Thermal cover for temperature preservation, thermal stability and energy conservation.
* Anti splash System
* Joystic steam control
* Barista tool accesory pack included.

A cutting-edge professional machine that sets new standards in the industry

The Big Dream T has an extraordinary temperature-stable thermodynamic brewing groups, providing precise and consistent results every time.
Food safety and energy efficiency are paramount. The insulated 8.5l service boiler, crafted from stainless steel, powers the steam nozzles and hot water outlet. Meanwhile, a separate circuit delivers fresh, pre-heated water to the insulated thermoblocks on each coffee group.
With individual group control and programmable stand-by times, the Big Dream T offers unrivaled versatility. It combines technical innovation, exceptional temperature stabilit and remarkable energy efficiency, all wrapped in a striking design that captivates.

Innovation Meets Tradition, Unrivaled Control and Flawless Results.

Unleash excellence in coffee preparation with the BIG Dream machine, setting new standards in the industry. Meticulously designed for comfort, precision, and consistency, this machine empowers baristas with extensive functional control settings.
Featuring a Capacitive Screen, the Barista can easily set and control the boiler temperature (using the PID system), adjust water pump pressure, steam pressure, and set pre-infusion time (0-5 seconds). It also offers the convenience of configuring up to 5 pre-selections per group.
With competition-grade group screens and portafilters, the machine ensures unwavering precision and consistency. Combined with its revolutionary multi-element approach, which guarantees fresh water for each brew and avoids unwanted flavors and odors, the BIG Dream machine achieves optimal results and crafts the perfect espresso shot.
Overall, the ergonomic design and advanced technology of the BIG Dream machine deliver a delightful brewing experience and facilitate a seamless workflow. Baristas can effortlessly manage other tasks or engage in meaningful coffee conversations with customers.

Perfect Foam: Back-to-Back Steaming with Barista T

Barista T offers the perfect balance of precision and power with our steam system. Effortlessly adjust steam levels using the knob or wooden joysticks, while the separate steam circuit driven by a rotary pump ensures consistent performance. The PID Upgrade empowers you to customize steam temperature within a range of 110-165ºC, allowing for further customization and control.


Enhance your milk-steaming experience with the 2 x 360º ergonomic cold steam stainless steel wands. Which offer safety, convenience, and the ability to effortlessly create luscious, velvety microfoam on gran scale. This essential tool is your gateway to mastering the art of creating exquisite lattes back to back.

Eco-Friendly Operation, energy saving

Introducing Technology T, the cutting-edge multi-group technology engineered exclusively by Ascaso. This innovative system delivers exceptional thermal stability with a remarkable precision of +- 0.5ºC. It also offers outstanding energy efficiency, consuming up to 50% less energy compared to traditional machines and 25% less than multi-boiler machines.
With the PLUS option, the thermal cover and temperature lagging further enhance temperature preservation, stability, and energy conservation. Experience consistent performance and reduced energy consumption for an eco-friendly coffee operation. Take advantage also of the different standby modes available, intelligently reducing energy costs during idle periods. Embrace sustainability and efficiency with Technology T, ensuring clean and fresh water in every cup while minimizing your environmental impact.

A Tradition of Quality and Sustainability

Each Ascaso Commercial and home coffee machine is meticulously handcrafted, capturing the essence of traditional espresso expertise. Fueled by an unwavering passion for coffee and a commitment to customers, these machines embody the timeless artistry of espresso making.

Exuding an air of timeless elegance, the machine chassis is meticulously hand-polished and coated with a durable varnish, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every aspect of its construction.

With a focus on uncompromising quality, the key components such as the Thermoblock and group come with a reassuring 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind against any craftsmanship defects.

Backed by Coffetek’s extensive distribution network and their renowned expertise in the coffee industry, these machines are accompanied by comprehensive maintenance and fine-tuning services. This ensures that they consistently deliver optimal performance, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Big Dream Specifications

Big Dream accesory pack